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You’ve got a “Bad Girl Addiction” that you need to feed.

Bad girls excite you because…

  1. I make your dick hard
  2. Good Girls are BORING!
  3. Bad Girls are thrilling
  4. Every guy wants me
  5. I’m high maintenance
  6. I up your status just being in my presence 

I’m a master at manipulating you and you love it. I will not be nice to you. I will never get turned on by you. In fact… you make me want to hurl on your shoes. 

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I love sex, I think about it all the time, just not about having sex with you Ha Ha! I love telling you horny guys all about how much I love to fuck hot guys. You’ll be dying to become one of my groupies because you just can’t think of what it would be like for me to not allow you a peek into my world.

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You’re just another stupid groupie to make me laugh while I manipulate your weak mind and take your money.

Welcome, I am Goddess Danika

I am the Hypnotic Goddess of your deepest, darkest desires…

I have the warmest, most sensual velvety voice you could possibly imagine…

and I know exactly how to use it to get inside the mind of a weak submissive man like you, and once there I will prize all of your most intimate sexual fantasies and desires from you, and then use them to enslave you to My will… in ways that will leave you utterly powerless to resist…


I’m the Super Fluffy Flirt, Lakrush Hearts and I wanna be your virtual girlfriend. I’m ready to treat you like a big girl should… Cater to your super fat fantasies. I’m super hot and waiting for you to tell me all your secret kinky desires. I’m the ONLY one wanting to make them all come true.

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Call SuperFluffyFlirt for phone sex on Niteflirt.comGFE CAM ~ Maybe you wanna take a look at your fat girlfriend on cam? Come enjoy smooth dark mocha skin, big booty, round hips, glossy lips & more.
Call SuperFluffyFlirt for phone sex on Niteflirt.comBALLOON CAM ~ Do you like balloons? who doesn’t enjoy a good blow job. View my balloon cam and watch how big I can blow it up and make it POP.
Call SuperFluffyFlirt for phone sex on Niteflirt.comSEX TOYS ~ The thing I enjoy the most about playing with my wet tight cunt is the throbbing sensation from my Hitachi Magic Wand. It only got two speeds, wanna hear them?.
Call SuperFluffyFlirt for phone sex on Niteflirt.comORAL SEX ~ I bet that dick taste so sweet. Give me a sugar rush daddy and let me devour that dick until you explode in my mouth.

Phone Sex Fantasy Sex Ebony Feminization Mistress Onyx

Kiss the dildo and beg Me not to take your cherry

How is your vulnerable rosebud today sissy?

That is correct; I know you are not a real man. You are just a sissy and could never satisfy a Dominant woman like myself. Do not be embarrassed your embarrassment will arrive shortly. So eager to perform as my sissy slave? haha I guess not just yet? Do not be so childish sissy girl. I am going to throw away all of your male clothing and turn you into a sissy, she-male, sex slave.

I am going to make you my chastised sissy maid and kneel to suck all of the cum out of my black male slaves giant cocks. I have always found wimps to feminize & you always passively agree. I am going to slim your waist with locking black corsets. This will give you womanly hips and a feminine rounded butt. Stilettos will make your legs more toned and your arches higher.

I will make you start taking female hormones. The feminine changes will show nicely. That little white penis between your legs and your sexual urges will diminish. The creams you apply to your skin will make you so smooth & silky. Your breasts will become larger. I love when my sissies are smooth, shaved, effeminate. Soon I will make your have all the hair lazered off of you.

I am going to degrade you sissy. I will make you wear lingerie during sex, stilettos and erotic clothing during your transformation. All of this by force if I have to. I know you simply like to dress up in frilly skirts and panties. When you are properly cowed you will give your little rosebud to my lovers as well. I will keep you gagged, tied and wearing a blond wig. Obedience lessons are a must to make you docile. All the while you will be dressed in my favourite sexy outfit a French maid uniform.

The locking sissy maid bondage uniform will be the punishment for any protests. It is pink & white satin with ruffled socks and Mary Janes. Sometimes I enjoy the steel taps but your wrists and ankles will always be hobbled with leather cuffs. Seeing the chains attached and your penis-gagged sets fire to my kinkiness. Arm binding is an excellent way to stifle your protests. Removing your male underwear and slapping you across those lipstick covered lips makes me laugh.

I am so evil when you beg me not to shame you. Look now you are blushing. Did you see the collar and petticoat I have for you? So shameful that skirt is so short when you curtsy. I am to be obeyed and when you dip while on public display well you will be ruined. Your little clitty is shaking and excited. My laugh is hypnotic and I make you take pictures then send me the images.

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Anna Loves Men who Suck Cock

Bicurious? Do you ever think about:
Oral worship of huge cocks
Strap on and anal play - with anyone
Secret gay fantasies
Did I mention cocksucking?
Transsexual ladies/shemales
Your first sexual experience with another guy…
Your most recent cocksucking experience
Cuckold service (before *and* after ;) )

I love all these topics and more.

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Mistress Angel Steele

I am a dominant and extreme fetish lover. I specialize in financial domination, humiliation, and extreme torture. From financial domination to blood play, you will find all of your Femdom fantasies here. If you are looking for anything other than being dominated, then you are in the wrong place. I demand a slave that does when he’s told, without question. Need a translation? I’m here to break you; mentally, physically, and most assuredly, financially. I will not tolerate disrespect. I will respond to nothing other than Mistress, Ma’am, or Miss Steele. Now come join me in the fun…

Mistress Angel Steele

Tags: torture, blood play, extreme, tattoos, piercings, pantyhose, feet, paypig, money slave, wallet slave, humanATM, CBT, humiliation

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